Content Strategy


Strategy Creation

BBDS leverages analysis of both your brand’s and your competitor’s content to build an effective strategy. Whether you’re a new brand on the digital block expanding reach with your first blog posts or a seasoned publisher with one-hundred thousand articles, BBDS will deliver you a customized content strategy after we’ve performed research—from link authority to existing engagement analysis to social and content relatability scores among a host of other factors—in order to create the program that will scale to deliver viable success to your brand.


How we'll Do It

We'll assess your and your competitors content landscapes to spot highly relevant content gaps that your brand can fill. We offer a suite of development and distribution strategies.  We’ve built and managed custom content teams for major publishers. We can also seed your brand with in-demand topics so you can do the writing in-house. Based on your size, authority and competition we’ll determine optimal publication rates to realistically grow your brand across platforms.


Crafting Content

If BBDS content teams are the right solution for you we won’t write a word until we’ve matched the writers most relevant to your brand and trained them to produce content seamlessly in the voice of your brand, so that we’re publishing articles and copy that win audience growth and drive conversion rates in your style.