Technical & Content Audits


Web Site Issue Discovery

BBDS views your digital property as a living biological organism. SEO and multi-platform traffic issues are looked at as diagnostic health issues. We’ll run custom spiders to harvest errors across a massive scale but only with a compliment of intensive manual audits to uncover issues that stock audit crawlers and Google Search Console can’t flag.


How We'll Do It

BBDS ensures that that you or your team will be taking action on the issues that matter most. Between audit spiders and Google Search Console, you could be facing hundreds of “red flag” issues that don’t immediately impact the health and traffic of your property. BBDS will not only provide a prioritized “solution roadmap,” but we’ll help your team sort through red flag noise to save development time and resources over the long-term.


Risk Mitigation

We’ve now provided prescriptive remedial actions to return your traffic or accelerate new growth, but how can you ensure that you won’t repeat traffic decline issues? Beyond your solution roadmap, BBDS will provide a risk mitigation plan based on your current product development practices, content development strategies and eminent search engine algorithmic changes and products that may impact your property in its current state.